Product Description:

Polcap Conduit Weather Cap is designed to prevent the entry of water into conduits mounted on poles or any other vertical structure.
Polcap is designed by an electrician and manufactured in Australia.

  • Durable, UV Stabilized food grade plastic
  • Guaranteed for 20 years
  • No joins, no leaks, once piece moulded unit
  • Easy one screw installation
  • In the field industry tested for 27 years
  • Currently used by Energy Authorities

Other details:

Polcap No 1 – Covers Conduit from 20mm to 50mm. With up to 4cm x 50cm cables.

Polcap No 2 – Covers Conduit from 80mm. With up to 4cm x 95cm cables.

Polcap No 3 – Covers Conduit from 100mm. With up to 4cm x 150cm cables.

Polcap No 4 – Covers Conduit from 150mm. With up to 4cm x 400cm cables.